Black Radiance 8 Pan Palette

So I was at walmart the other day and came across the make-up section. I was looking for the WET N WILD section, only to find out that my walmart doesnt even sell WNW, BUTTTTTT I found out that there were palettes from the brand Black Radiance. (which is targeted more towards WOC) I picked up 1 palette in “posh Plums 8027”

Turns out the palette is distributed from Markwins Beauty products ( same as wet n wild)
Color 1Brow bone– A shimmery pink with a purple undertone ( very soft to swatch, little fallout)
Color 2: Brow bone– Shimmery purple ( A little streaky to swatch, kind of sheer)
Color 3: Eyelid– Matte pink (Has glitter; not very noticeable; a little sheer; difficult to swatch, but very soft.)
Color 4: Eyelid– More like a satin finish (No fallout, some-what sheer, very pretty)
Color 5: Crease- Matte purple (no fallout, very small glitter particles)
Color 6: Crease- Glittery Purple (lots like it could have blue undertones, good amount of fallout, difficult to swatch, soft)
Color 7: Accent– Matte black  MY FAVORITE COLOR IN THE PALETTE!  ( AMAZING pigmentation! Very soft, almost velvety. Better pigmentation that Nyx’s trio in White, Gray, Black)
Color 8: Accent– More like a frost (has silver glitter throughout, less pigmented than color 7)

(Colors where swatched multiple times on my arms to show you how good they “pack on” lols.
some are pretty pigmented though.)
 $5.98, (WNW 8 pans are around $5)


I think this palette is a beautiful combination of different finishes.
I really  think that it needs a base for them to really look good, some are kind of sheer, while some a pretty pigmented. With Nyx high definition eye shadow base, the 2 accent colors POPPED! (although color # 7 already has amazing pigmentation) I dont have the 8 pan Wnw palettes, (NOT YET) but I know that i can eventually get them. I’ve heard so many great reviews on them, so I kind of excited that there are more palettes that look like them, but in different colors of course. So For $6 I’m alright with the price.


UNDECIDED, If i ever ran out of it, I would possibly buy it, im more into colors 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, although I feel I could get the bottom 2 accent colors in another wet n wild palette. Im also not crazy about pink colors, rarely use them, not crazy about #1 & #3. So still not sure about repurchasing in the future.  the 8th accent color  looks pretty much identical to the matte black with sparkles in the WNW “spoiled brat” 3 pan color icon trio. (one in middle)

Used #6 today, and i love itttttttt 😀

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