WNW Coloricon Eye Pencils

I found these on sale at Walgreen’s for .69 cents!!! Squeeee.
I didn’t go crazy on colors because I don’t usually use eye pencils aside from one for eyebrow and 1 for eye liner, BUT I got a navy blue and a white to be different ^.^
I did try out the white liner when I went out, not sure at what point it wore off, but I know it was
still on my bottom lashes. So you do have to keep an eye as to when it comes off.
Pretty great pigmentation. Creamy, but not too creamy.

656A- White
652- Dark Brown
651- Black Black
657- Deep Blue

from L to R- White, Dark Brown, Black black, Deep Blue

Price at retail is $0.99

Not on sale for .69 cents anymore,
but I’d look out for it next year on sale around april.
(I have noticed a sale pattern)

No complaints. The pencils even have name on the actual product, unlike some wnw products ^.^

Purchase again: YES!

Rating: 4/5


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