Rite Aid Haul Swatches

First is Blue Had Me at Hello
Beautiful 8 pan palette with loads of lovely blues. 
Never liked blue eyeshadow until I bought this palette.
Only color I do not like is the browbone highlight color at the
top left hand corner. It is almost a gritty texture unlike all the
other colors. If I could change out something about the palette
it would be the bottom 2 colors, the matte black and the sparkly 
matte to the right of it. I already have that sparkly black one in the 
3 pan Wnw Spoiled Brat palette and the Black Radiance Posh Plums palette.

Colors where swatched to opaqueness and swatched from top left hand corner down
to bottom left hand corner, then to top right hand color down to bottom
right hand corner.
Random makeup look I did with the palette:
The left side has the silver eyelid color second one down on left side,
underneath my bottom lashes. Right side is only makeup on lid and crease.

Next is the 3 Pan Colors

Cool As a Cucumber

First Color is a white-ish color with green iridescence.
Second Color is a pretty purple that was harder to swatch than other 2 colors, came up
a little sheer.
Third is a green of course.
Overall the colors are less pigmented than other palettes of wet n wild
Retail: $3

Walking on Eggshells 

This has more pigmentation than the other 3 pan palette (cool as a cucumber)
One of my favorite palettes because I do love neutral colors.
Retail price: $3

Next is the mascara!

Plastic wand applicator, which I love the most!
Does good job giving me volume. Its not completely amazing though.
Does take out clumps!

Retail price: $3 

Next up is the gel liner, which I wish I had taken more pictures of.
Somehow I ended up losing the mascara shown above couple days ago,
and then I found it, then my gel liner went missing. My child probably took it,
hopefully I will end up finding it soon because I really like the gel liner :C
Any who….

^^This is the bottom of it.
Wish I had a picture of it to the side. Just imagine a ufo shaped thing, thats what
it kind of resembles. It doesnt look like much product, but inside it does go about a inch deep.
Gel liner does not smudge, its creamy consistency. The staying power for me is more than 5 hours, not
sure exactly how long though. I used it over Nyx Hd primer, and I do have somewhat oil lids.

Comes with a stiff angled brush, which works out fine.

In picture below you can see the top of the gel liner.

These items where on sale at Rite Aid ^^ (of course)
So I paid about $11.00 
and got back $3 bucks. Which I will probably go and buy some more makeup with.

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