Walgreens Haul Swatches

This is the Fast to dry $1.99 nail polish.
Grays Anatomy: I have wanted this color for a while now.  I dont
know what I expected from this color, but I was sort of disappointed when
I swatched it. I thought it’d be more opaque, but it wasnt. Capturing the
colors would be hard if I had not swatched it over a darker color. So I ended up
swatching it over I Need a Refresh-Mint. 
1 coat of I Need a Refresh-Mint, and 2 of Grays Anatomy

Next are the megalasts. These have recently become larger in size without a price increase. They also have  a better brush to apply the polish with. I am really loving them. Wish the applicator was available for the wet to dry polishes. Anyways… I had seen the  previous bottles before at Kmart, and thought they werent worth the price….. But I am lovely the new packaging. The sides have Wet n wild embedded in the glass. (If thats the word) The colors are really pretty and well worth $1.99; or .99 at Walgreens thru May 26. I Hope I can get all of them ^-^
Megalasts nail polish on left.
Sinful colors nail polish applicator on right.

Megalast nail polish applicator on left.
Sinful Colors nail polish applicator on right.
wet n wild is on both sides

I Red a Good Book– <—thats the name,
I kinda like the name. This is my first red ever.
Not so much into reds, but the ring I wear the most,
(gift from hubby that I wear everyday) has a red ruby on it, so
I wanted to get this. This and I Need  a Refresh-Mint are
the most pigmented. You could get away with 1 good coat
of this to get good color payoff.
BEAUTIFUL red!! This is 2 coats, although as I’ve said
before, you can get away with 1.  Applies nicely, not streaky. Dry time
is fairly ok.
(sorry about glare on it) but this is I Need a Refresh-Mint.
has really good pigmentation, can get away with 1 coat.

With Flash. I think this is the only color
that swatched a little streaky which is why I recommend 2 swatches.
No flash.

This is Sugar Coat, a really pretty
sheer cotton candy-like pink. 1coat
looks ok, but to get a more opaque look, I’d recommend
at least 3 coats.

1 coat is enough to look subtle, suitable for work.
2 coats does look pretty, which is what is above in photo.
Wet Cement- Recommend 2 coats, but isn’t needed.
So far out of the megalast nail polishes I have, this is my
favorite. I’ve wanted a gray polish for a while and this has got to
be the most perfect one ever! It looks purple toned in some light,  but in
sun I can say it does look like it could be brown-gray. Your opinion.

          Next I purchased a Megalast lipstick in Just Peachy (903C)

Really pretty, like the matte finish
Very pretty color. No complaints here on this one.
Last thing I bought was a mascara called “megaprotein”
mascara. Havent tried this one yet, but if it ends up being 
a not so great product, I will be down only a buck. 
UPDATE: Funny enough I lost the mascara
that I bought in the rite aid haul, so I was forced to use this one.
When I opened it, I put the wand in the part where the mascara
is held, and I pulled it out, AND THE MASCARA WAND WAS COVERED
in mascara. Apparently the stopper thingy that prevents too much
mascara from getting on the wand had disappeared? I figured it had fallen in. I closed the mascara
and went to get my camera so I could take a picture of it, and when I opened
it back, the stopper was there…..SO then I realized when I had closed the mascara, the stopper
had loosened and ended up inside the handle …wows lols, hopefully what I said was understood.

Aside from that, I did use the mascara. My eyelashes are really short, like seriously I
barely have any because I have a habit of sometimes picking my eyelashes off.
(Weird I know.) With the mascara I got pretty good length. I did do a couple coats
so I pretty much pack my mascara on my eyelashes.

Packaging wise, I would rate 3 out of 5 because of the loose stopper. With it not being
there it is a huge inconvenience! For only paying a buck for it, it still is worth it for me,
because the stopper did end up in place and I do like the way my eyelashes look.

Formula wise: Clumping wise I rate this 4 out of 5. I do get a little bit, but I can
usually brush it out. I would not expect a DRAMATIC improvement in lash
length, but enough to make your eyelashes pretty.

Price: $1.99 retail
or $0.99 at Walgreens until May 26


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