Flora Collection Swatches

I left these on my arm for the day, the 3 swatches
near my wrist without primer had disappeared within 30 minutes.
These shadows aren’t wonderful unless you apply a primer.
I will have a tutorial on a look with the Flora 
palette coming soon 😀 

This is 2 coats of just the polish itself.
1 coat with wet cement from Wet n Wild megalast polish.

This picture has a typo! OOPS!
Mow the Glass**
Absolutely cute name, although when I type it out,
I keep want to type out Grass instead of Glass!

Product has: 0.4 fl oz, 11.8 mL

Once applied, the gloss doesn’t really look like it does in the tube.
I’m not a huge fan of glosses, so as far as using this gloss, I probably
won’t use it again.
(Ok, maybe once in full moon!)
The gloss feels fine on my lips, not overly sticky.
Although, I can imagine wind blowing and my hair being all stuck
to my lips. Maybe there will be a gloss that will someday blow
my mind and change my mind of my love-hate relationship with glosses.
(Nyx’s Girls gloss are amazing though!)

Next is the blush, which I did not do a swatch for. :C


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