UPDATED: MORE PICS! Revlon Nail polish swatches!!!

I had seen on a post from nouvea cheap that people had
 been finding these pretty nail polishes at big lots for 2 bucks!!
I do know these are from a previous Revlon collection, 
but I’m not sure exactly on the details.
Any ways, here are the swatches!

Grape Fizz

My favorite!
I swatched this with a megalast nail color. In this picture you can
definitely see the flakies in Grape Fizz. REALLY PRETTY.

Pineapple Fizz

This looks horrible on my nails. I feel like my nails look sick in this color.
My boyfriend and I said it looked like my nails have Jaundice (no mean remarks intended)
It would look better over another color.

Watermelon Fizz

The flakes in this polish were really hard to capture :C

Colada Fizz

Wish this was more blue, its very sheer as the rest are, but I was
very disappointed in how sheer it was.

I love these polishes and I definitely  want to purchase more.

Over another nail polish (I Need a Refresh-Mint) Still looks
very subtle, but really cute. The Colada Fizz reminds me of snow!

4 Comments on “UPDATED: MORE PICS! Revlon Nail polish swatches!!!”

  1. yessie says:

    I found some Revlon nail polishes at Big Lots for $2 recently and love them. They don't chip as often as some of my pricier polishes!

  2. Pinkypink says:

    I forgot to add pictures, i took them before my camera died, but they are probably the same ones, i got them for $2 too. What colors did you get?? Thanks for commenting!

  3. yessie says:

    I got Grapefruit and pineapple fizz 🙂 I thought it was maybe my phone not loading pics 🙂 its pretty slow (wifi)

  4. Pinkypink says:

    That's awesome! And no it wasn't you, but for some reason when I upload pics on blog spot, I get knocked off internet, so probably why my pictures didn't come up 😀 lols. I have pineapple fizz too, doesn't look good on my hands :C

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