Philosophy Cosmetics at Big Lots!?

So as always, Nouvea cheap made an amazing post about the cosmetics brand: Philosophy at Big Lots.
I refuse to spend a lot of money on cosmetics, so I have never purchased it before.
But for $3 a piece on a variety of their cosmetics, I think I would not mind going to big lots to
check out what they have. Stay tuned for pictures! If you guys have tried any of their products,
have swatches then let me know!

Maybe I can find the mystery cosmetics line that big lots can name that was in their ad!

You can see Nouvea cheap blog post here:

Man I love her blog!

ON a side note, I went to The Dollar Store the other day, and I found ELF’s Studio Line eyeshadows and lipglosses there!!! I managed to grab 2 of the glossy gloss and 3 of the eyeshadows.
I hope to have the swatches and review up soon.


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