Black Radiance 8 Pan Palette

I really like this palette. I feel I like the colors from Black Radiance 8 pan line better
than the Wet n Wild line! I LOVE the posh plums palette more than any 
of the others. 
(which you can see here: Posh Plums
I love the matte shades in this palette. The color payoff is alright, but can be 
built up. 

No primer.
With NYX’s High Definition Eye Shadow Base.
My favorite color in the palette is 5. Love it, love it, love it.
These are the 8 pans I currently have. My poor comfort zone palette,
I blame my child >.< LOLS… Already 2 and she LOVES  to get into
my makeup. Her favorite thing to do is put on my lipstick! EK!
Knowing that both Black Radiance and Wet N Wild 
come from the same manufacturer (if thats the right term)
Which do you like better? The 8 pans from wet n wild?

or from Black Radiance?


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