L. A. Colors Jumbo Pencils Swatches

L. A. Colors Jumbo Pencils
From L. A. Colors Website: 


“Skip the traditional powder eyeshadow and try a jumbo eyeshadow pencil. It allows you to use as an eyeliner for bold lines or blend out for a subtle effect. Display comes complete with dual sharpener for easy sharpening.”

I do not know how long these have been available but I have not heard much about them.
They come in 24 GORGEOUS shades. Looks like 4 are matte and the rest are shimmery.

8/7- Update: AS I have been using them and sharpening I’ve noticed that the cap doesn’t want to stay on.
If you were to sharpen it down and put it in your purse, it would be all over the place because cap will not stay!  What a bummer!. Still works great though…

This is NOT my picture. this is a picture from cherry culture.com website 

At first I didn’t notice but these have a scent to them. 
I suppose I didn’t notice at first because some smell more than
the others. 
Not good at scent explanations, but Tropical Bliss is the
most powerful smelling. I love the scent. I want to say it smells like grapes, 
but I do not know for sure.
Sea Shells smells kind of like plastic or something of that nature. 
Sunglasses im not sure of the scent. TO ME, its not the most 
great smelling scent. 
Sea Shells- is a matte white, blends well.  Can be built up to be really white, but if not blended
I would expect it to crease.
Tropical Bliss- smells really good. I thought this color would stand out, be really vibrant, 
but its not. Its on the sheer side, not quite opaque, but its still good color.
Sunglasses- is the best one out of the 3 I purchased. It is a matte black and I use it as as eyeliner sometimes!
IT IS AMAZING!! I was going to purchase Maybelline’s color tattoo in the black one 
so I could use it as a base, but for the price of this I am extremely happy.  One swipe 
is completely opaque. It is so dark and creamy and blends out really good.
I feel with cream shadows, if they are going to crease they will really soon after
being applied; so I did my own test to see this. Maybelline color tattoos DO NOT 
crease up on me, if applied by themselves without a base and applied lightly.  I have oily lids by noon 
and color tattoos do not crease on me. I was not expecting a non-crease pencil from these, so as expected the color I applied almost instantly creased up on me. 
I did one side with a base and it still creased on me, took a little longer to crease but it did.  
I have used sea shells, no primer under an eyeshadow and it worked fine. No creasing. 
So overall recommend for a base for a powdered eyeshadow. 
I did purchase the jumbo eye pencil sharpener that comes with the shades.
Its basically a 3 part sharpener for $1.50. Has  clear cap above sharpener to I suppose
catch shavings, another clear part at the bottom of the sharpener to ???? IDK lol. 
But yeah the pencils sharpen surprisingly easy.  Works well.

NOV. 2 UPDATE:: I used these couple times then didn’t use. I used these recently
and sharpened them and noticed that after a certain point of sharpening
that the cap falls off. So now they wont stay covered and they get all over
my other liners. I have now de-potted my white pencil. :/

I have not purchases any Nyx cosmetics jumbo pencils so 
I cannot compare. 
Nyx Jumbo Pencils are $3.50- $4.50 on nyxcosmetics.com for (5g)
L. A. Colors Jumbo Pencils are $1.50-$1.75 on cherryculture.com OR in stores I have seen them at Family Dollar for $1.50 (3.5g)

DO you have any shades!?? If you do have swatches and have a blog, please let me know!

3 Comments on “L. A. Colors Jumbo Pencils Swatches”

  1. How do you sharpen your pencils?

  2. Pinkypink says:

    Well, to be honest since then I haven't used them. I'm sure there is a higher quality sharpener that will sharpen these easily. When I tested them out I used the Sharpener from L. A. Colors.hope this helps!

  3. […] Now the tubes remind me of the LA Colors Eyeshadow pencils which you can see HERE […]

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