Jessies Girl Kohl Eyeliner

Good Morning!
So I have had these pencils for a while
and I am finally ready to post my thoughts about
this product. My first thoughts seeing these at the store
were somewhere along the lines of: “SHINY THINGS! OMG”
I do fall victim to cute packaging, so when I saw these 
I instantly wanted to try a couple. I love the glitter end of the pencil
and I love the built in sharpener. (Who is so organized they always know where
their pencil sharpener is? Not me!)  The built in sharpener was a huge
plus for me. 

Bourbon Street– When I bought these I immediately swatched them in
the car. In daylight my boyfriend and I agreed that the purple 
looked like a royal blue, though sometimes I feel it leans purple..Who knows.
Its really pretty though, sometimes I don’t know what color it is! lols
Broadway Lights- Broadway lights is a basic black eyeliner with 
glitter to it. I really don’t have much to say about this color. I’ve been playing
around more with Bourbon Street. 

With Flash
No flash

As far as formula, when you first swatch the pencils I noticed they
come off a little streaky but 3 coats make the color opaque. (Possibly just 2)
They glide on softly, but not to creamy. They line the eyes really well without tugging.
Out of the 2 I like bourbon street the most. Its really bright and so out of 
my eyeliner comfort zone! 🙂 I WILL be buying more colors. 
Retail Price: $1.99 at Rite Aid
Net Wt. 0.4oz/1.8g

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
Have a nice day. 


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