Black Radiance 8 Pan Palette Swatches-Downtown Browns

So I went to Walmart the other day to get noms, 
when I went to the beauty aisle (like always)
and I figured I would get the last palette from the Black Radiance Line.
As you can see in the picture the palettes are priced  $5.98 at my walmart
but in the picture below I found this hanging thing with the same
palette plus 2 eyeliner pencils for $1 less!!! 
These were in another aisle that the Black Radiance products.
They even have the newest blushes with a brush. Not sure if the price
is lower but yeah! Wish I seen the purple palette earlier :/ 

The palette is called Downtown Browns. (Which I don’t
feel really describes this palette at all.)
 Anyways here are the swatches with flash. I am really really happy with this palette.
I wish there were about 5 more because I would buy them all 🙂
the swatches are done from top left hand corner to top right hand corner
to 2nd row left side to 2nd right side and so on.
With Flash
No flash
 With Primer No flash
 Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this palette. 
My favorite color is the 3rd row right side color. In the 
picture it looks different than it does in natural light. Its dark brown and has red-ish sparkles in it.
Sometimes I use the sponge-tip applicator (am i only one?!) 
and if you go to take a second sweep of color you will get a good amount 
of fall out. Nothing major but some don’t like that. 
Anyways thanks for reading as always! 
Have a good day!
If you would like to see the other  palettes  visit them down below

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