Free Magazines!

I know a lot of women (and maybe men!) get a lot of inspiration
from magazines for makeup and I thought I’d share how I save on magazines!
There’s a site called recyclebank  where you do little surveys, take
small quizes to earn points, and with those points you can earn coupons
or free stuff!!
I currently have earned enough points to get Cosmo, Baazar, Seventeen, 
Marie Claire, and some other Martha Steward mags and I didn’t have to pay a dime.
Its really easy and simple. And now I sound like im trying to pimp out 
that site, but seriously I am SO greatful to have that site because I don’t
want to spend lots of money on all my favorite subscriptions. (Btw im not getting
paid by them to mention it) LOL.
 ALSO the subscription is for 1 year!
They also have mags for the home, which I love!

2 Comments on “Free Magazines!”

  1. esmeheredia says:

    thanks for sharing! i will definitely be checking this website out!

  2. Pinkypink says:

    No problem! Enjoy that site, because man I love it!

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