Strawberry Plants & Runners

My balcony is a jungle..and its even more
like a jungle when I have beetles and caterpillars trying to eat my plants….and spiders…YUCK

Today is where the “Anything and everything” in my banner comes into play.
I have a ton of hobbies and 1 of the others besides makeup is gardening.
Well I bought about 10 strawberry baby plants from a nursery by my
home sometime back in may, and now today I am OVERRUN by the runners they have produced.
And only until today am I trying to transport them; what a pain!
I live in a condo with my bf, 2 year old, and 3 cats. A house house is out
of the question for a few years and to satisfy my need for plants I borrowed
the stand in picture to put my plants on….((Vertical gardening FTW))
Today I have counted over 80 runners (new strawberry plants)  and thats not including the original plants. :/ What will I do with so many!?!

Does anyone else try to fill every corner of their balcony with plants?!
I try to but its getting overbearing! 😛

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