Jordana FabuLiner review

My 3rd Haul ago showed that I purchased the Black shade, 
but I went back to Walgreens and picked up another item I did not 
So first of all the left side is Black, right side Brown.
See a difference??? Nor do I.
While I’m not disappointed in quality, I’m really interested why they
didn’t notice that the brown looks like black. It says on very nicely, and comes out
very pigmented. The cap fits nicely, but I do recommend that you hold on
firmly to the cap without going past the opening because 

you will get the liner on your hands.  These are usually by the Sinful Colors. They are
also by the beauty counter at multiple Walgreens in my area.
This hidden gem is near Jordana eye pencils. I am so happy to have 
found these. LOVE LOVE LOVE. But also can’t beat that $1.99 price.
I’ve had these for over a week now and I will DEFINITELY repurchase again.
The packaging says to store upside down so product does not dry out.

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