Wet n Wild Saved By The Nail Collection swatches

So I finally found this collection at a Rite Aid I do not go to regularly.
I’ve noticed some of my  locations have more collections than
the other. I have like 3 Rite Aids, 4 Walgreens, and 2  CVS stores
around the same areas. I loveeeeeeeeee all of these and for a $1 each

how can you go wrong. I know this collection has been out for a while, but
I could not find it anywhere. I am missing 1 shade which I think is a purple.

Each one of the shades is neon except for the 2 greens. First green is shimmery, 
and second blue green has a gold iridescence to it. I got what was left in the picture. 
This is inspired from the Saved By The Bell show.

Names in order from left to right:

-Pom Pom Kelly (pink)
-Weird Alert Screech
-Chick Magnet Zack (blue green)
-Straight A Jesse (Orange)
-Pin’ Em Slater (yellow)


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