ELF Smokey Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

I got this a while back at Big Lots and am just now getting to posting about it! lolss…
OK first impressions of this were that the darker colors were nice.
There is a decent amount of fallout. You can see in first picture some of the black
is in the blue color. It doesn’t matter much, but it is waste of product when

it goes all over the place. After swatching this palette I have 
not used it anymore. I like the colors but its not very impressive to me.
Theres too much fallout. If there are any colors I would use it again it would have to 
be the purple shade and then the last row. For $2.50 Its not that bad.
If I EVER run out of those 4 shades I would maybe repurchase?? Not sure yet.
But here are the pictures. Enjoy 🙂
 No primer.
 With NYX HD eye shadow primer

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