Jordana Glitters Nail Polish in Blue Bash

So here I have a SUPER glittery polish from Jordana.
I purchased this from my Kmart (which I hate btw) and they were $1.99.
They can be found here: Jordana Cosmetics for $2.99
and on Cherry Culture for $2.99.
There are 24  GORGEOUS colors.

I love this polish a lot. Its not gloppy and of course
drys fast. In my swatches, I did probably have too make coats to count.
I’d estimate it at 4-5 coats.
The glitter consists of fine glitter and probably a medium sized hexagonal glitter.

I truly recommend this polish if you like glitters. 🙂

2 Comments on “Jordana Glitters Nail Polish in Blue Bash”

  1. Vicky Hoang says:

    this is absolutely stunning! i love the shade 🙂

  2. Pinkypink says:

    It really is gorgeous!! you should see the other ones in that line! so pretty…

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