E. L. F. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Review

Today I’m reviewing elf waterproof eyeliner pens! 
First impressions were that I did like them, last pretty well throughout day.
But after several uses the tips wear and they start to fray making crisp lines a little harder
to create.
I have had the black shade opened for about 1-2 weeks more than 
I’ve had the coffee shade opened and the coffee shade is already dying out.
So I can tell the eyeliner pens are hit or miss.  As of today the black shade is 
still going pretty well with not drying out.
Click below to see more pics!

The packaging is cute and small. The bottom of the pen is flat so you can stand them up.
Saying that I think it isn’t a  big deal because the packing tells you to store them upside down.. lol.
The tip makes for a very thin lines if wanted. The cap of the eyeliner pen
sometimes gets pushed back a little when you put the cap back on and it
causes the eyeliner tip to fray a little.
 The eyeliner pen on top is Jordana Brand for $1.99  at Walgreens.
Bottom is Elf Waterproof pen for $1 online and in certain stores like Target.

Black shade on top 
Coffee shade on bottom 
With all that said, if you are looking for something SUPER affordable I would go for these. 
But if you are looking for a product that lasts longer and is even better , but also super affordable I would
definitely suggestion spending a buck more for the Jordana Fabuliner pens.
(which you can check out my review on the Jordana Fabuliners  HERE)
Thanks for reading,

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