Profusion Halo-the Palette Eyeshadow Swatches

I was in S.C. over the weekend and went to go see if the local Walgreens
had any new collections and I did not see ANYTHING at all.
I did see these palettes these for 99 cents and I thought the colors were
pretty. First impression swatching these were that the pigmentation was a little weak but
I was not worried because I almost always use a primer with my eyeshadows.
The pictures are using eye primer (NYX HD Eye Shadow Base)

I haven’t touched them since swatching but the colors are very pretty everyday kind of colors.
There is a decent amount of fallout on these but they aren’t that bad.

 With Flash/with primer

I have a feeing these are the same palettes from Hard Candy holiday gift sets that I have been seeing at Walmart.  They looked the same, same colors, although the Walmart Hard Candy gift sets had glitter around the edges.  If you wanted that gift set you could just buy 3 of these for $3 and not pay $7!!
Heres the picture from their website: Look-a-likes and if I go soon I will just take pictures of the Hard Candy Gift Set

No flash/with primer

All in all if you can get past the fallout and use a primer these are really good for the value!

I have another palette to review in a bit!
If you would like to purchase from Profusion they actually have a website you can order from



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