Pure Ice Nail Polish

Hello! Ok couple words first, the first swatch on left
 is with flash, the second one on right with without flash.
These were purchased at Walmart for $1.97.
Click below to see these pretty shades!

Sugar Cookie- This is a multi-glitter polish with medium red hex glitter and small 
holographic hex. glitter. Picture is with 3 coats.

Tempress- Really pretty purple polish with lots of gold flecks/shimmer.
Picture is with 2 coats.
L-R Silver Lining, Emerald Crush, Razzle And Dazzle
Silver Lining- Pretty glitter polish made up of super fine silver glitter and diamond
shaped holo glitter.  Picture is 3 coats

Emerald Crush- I really like this glitter polish. Its made up of super fine gold and green glitter
and then small sized hex green glitter.
Picture is with 3 coats.
Razzle and Dazzle- This is probably my least favorite.  I just don’t like the 
color of the green a lot. I still didn’t have anything like this in my
nail polish collection so I picked it up any way.
This is  made up of medium sized silver hex glitter and super fine green glitter.
I think the picture is in 3-4 coats.
L-R Kissing Cupid, All Vamped Out, Party Hard
Kissing Cupid- I could take a ton of pictures of this polish 
and not be able to catch all the colors it seems to show. Its decently bright in sunlight but in little
light is a gorgeous deep “vampy” red. Love it!
(All vamped out- Have to redo! )

Party Hard- This is a basic deep creme blue. I am quite disappointed in this
color. I thought this color would be a little brighter but its a deep deepppppp blue. 
Still quite nice though…. I also do not get the name of this color!
This is Meet Me In Monaco- Which i have already swatched on my blog.
You can visit me here

This is Twist And Shout which I have already swatched. You can visit me here

This is a new one I recently purchased….called Sleigh Ride.


5 Comments on “Pure Ice Nail Polish”

  1. My basic colors like black and white I bought Pure Ice brand, since black is black no matter how much you pay for it. I've always liked the formula, I just wish they didn't chip so easily. Can't beat the price.

  2. Pinkypink says:

    Thanks for your opinion! I haven't worn these long at all. They are so pretty though and you are correct for the price, I wouldnt mind very much

  3. Oh and Btw, the green glitter, OH MY GOSH im in love with it!!!. Perfect for this month since its all Christmas-y!!!

  4. Pinkypink says:

    Yeah, its very pretty, It will be here waiting for you! lol

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