Snowman Nail Polish Swatch

I found these at Rite Aid a while back, You can see below a picture of the stand. There really isn’t any nail information on bottle but SNOWMAN in caps….  This is super fine baby pink glitter with fushia-like pink super fine glitter. It is so pretty!!! This is in 3 coats. (You could get away with 2)
As you can see below in pic these were $2.99  and are 15 ml.
I purchased another one that I will have to share when I swatch it!
Made by Blue Cross Beauty Products.
I LOVE THESE!!! So cute!


3 Comments on “Snowman Nail Polish Swatch”

  1. The Snowman nail polishes are so adorable! very pretty color.


  2. Pinkypink says:

    I really agree! The other colors are gorgeous.
    Cute blog!!

  3. De Mons says:

    Your fushia-like pink looks so nice and festal!

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