Rite Aid 75% off Sale Pictures

I was at Rite Aid yesterday to take pictures. I only got 4 polishes. 
2 by the Chameleon one down below in pictures and the other 2 from CQ.
As you can see in the picture of the Chameleon line, it says the entire section is 75% off,
which it is in fact not true. (For my store at least) Only 2 of those polishes came out to be 75% off and the rest on that top 
shelf was regular price….. They ended up being .99 cents each for those 2 that WERE on sale..
and the CQ were also .99 cents each. (Select shades)
(I was quite annoyed all those tags were there and only 2 were on sale. -.-) 
Also in the 75% off sale was select Revlon nail polishes.
Revlon nail polishes are also BOGO 50% off 
so If you got ahold of 2 of those on 75% off sale, you’d have a killer deal!
I did note that in the 75% off tags, they have a promotion date and it says 12/11-1/4.
I would definetely check if those Chameleon polishes are on sale, for a buck thats a steal!
They are gorgeous!!


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