Profusion Sultry & Neutral Eye Shadow Palette

This is the second palette I got the other day from Big Lots. Same price as the other one; $5.
The Midnight Fever palette didn’t have any matte shades, this palette has 5 matte shades.
I did have trouble with the really light shades. They did seem very light for my skin tone,
but I think they would be ok for highlight under the brow. 
The non matte shades texture was the same as the Midnight Fever Palette.
The picture below, as I look at it now the colors don’t seem to be in order but those are the swatches!
I forgot to mention that I used a base for these. I used the L.A. Girl PRO. Primer HD high-definition eyeshadow primer in nude. (That is seriously the name on the package!!) (That was $2.99 at my local beauty supply store.)

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