Selena Gomez Nicole O.P.I Nail Polish

So yesterday I was shopping and out and about
and I happened to go to the store I hate the most in the world which is 
They have great clearance section though…
I was looking around and saw some cool stuff, new products
which I will do separate post about tomorrow.
These caught my eye- as anything glittery and colorful will. 
These were $7 I believe.
I didn’t pick any up at the time, but who knows maybe later.
If a polish is over $5 I will usually try to wait for a sale.
I  have noticed that the Nicole O.P.Is go on sale for $3.50 after a while.
Here is the display picture with Selena looking gorgeous!!!
You can click below though to get closeups!! Really Pretty shades!!
And also a bar glitter, which is interesting…
Anywho, The pics are below. Some focused some did not, sorry! :C

The second one on right looks gorgeous!!!! Reminds me of the stone opal. Really pretty!!

2 Comments on “Selena Gomez Nicole O.P.I Nail Polish”

  1. shabana MUA says:

    These look gorgeous, I love glitter! I wonder if these have been released in the UK too Xx

  2. Pinkypink says:

    They do look veryyy pretty, so do I, thats why I chose to put this up here, cant get enough of glitter polishes. Id be no help in knowing that! Lol. Good luck with the search 🙂

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