Fergie On The Edge Cream Eye Liner Review

Today I have the cream eyeliner from the Fergie line. I have been using this often and getting the feel for it. Right off the bat I will tell you that I like this. Would I recommend you buy this?? : Yes & No. Its only $4.99 at Walgreens, maybe CVS??? 
It comes in a really nice glass container,
which I have not had problems with. It also comes with a eyeliner brush which is ok,
but I don’t personally use.
The texture is really creamy and soft, unlike the cream eyeliner from the regular line from WNW.
Sometimes when I apply the color doesn’t come out completely opaque….But the pigmentation
is quite nice. I did wear this alone, no primers. I have oily lids and it did smudge slightly on my crease
after couple hours, so that is something to look out for if you have
oily lids like me. Well all in all, its NOT oily-proof lol, but
other than that it is a good product and very affordable. 
If you’d like to see pictures/swatches, click below.

I took a couple photos of the eyeliner using the eyeliner brush that comes with 
it, and the line it creates isn’t bad. I did go over it twice to get the color on really 
well without showing skin underneath!
No flash.
Here are some swatches on my arm.
Darkest swatch is 2 coats?! (is that right term!? lol)
and the one below is one coat.
Left is no flash, Right is with flash.

3 Comments on “Fergie On The Edge Cream Eye Liner Review”

  1. Purity says:

    Nice review, you have a great blog honey, xoxo.

  2. Pinkypink says:

    Thank you! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. […] I did a review on the original black shade for on the edge eyeliner. You can view that here! […]

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