Pure Ice Nail Polish in Irreplaceable

Good Afternoon, today I have a polish from a recent haul. (kinda recent)
This is Irreplaceable from Pure Ice’s new permanent collection. 
Don’t quote me on that though, LE??? Idk…but any way this picture I had swatched
couple days ago but happens to be what I am wearing today. 🙂
I have several black shades with glitter but not like this exactly.
This is a black tinted polish with SUPER fine round black glitter with medium sized chunky 
hex silver glitter. 
Dries fast, does not smell horrible and very affordable at $1.97 at Walmart.
(Which is an AWFUL store btw.)
Pure Ice’s Cosmetics are Cruelty Free and 
are also 3 Free!!
You can also purchase Pure Ice online, although I notice a lot of the newer shades
are not on the site. 
Left side with one coat and right side is 2 coats.
Top picture with flash
Bottom Picture without flash.

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