Hard Candy Nail Polish

(with flash)

This new polish is called Jubilee.
I got this recently from Walmart other day with 2 other colors which should be posted already (if not soon). I LOVE this color, I mentioned on the haul pic that this is one of the ugliest/strange polish combos I have ever seen. It is true. It is kind of ugly but I love this so much. Its unusually strange and that is probably why I love it so much.

This polish reminds me of a food. Probably what you would find in a smoothie. Like the orange bar glitter reminds of carrot shreds and the find black glitter reminds me of kiwi seeds, the green base reminds me of a  spinach smoothie. (LOL)

Click below to see weird closeup!!

But yes this is so weird. Everything about it is weird lol. Ok Its a polish with what seems like a jelly base, but I’m really not sure. Might just be green tinted. It has chunky silver and black hex glitter, super fine black round glitter and thin rectangular orange bar glitter. The picture above is with 2 coats and it dries relatively fast for me. The polish did apply kind of clumpy. Other than that more information you should know is price/size. These polishes are $3.97 each and contain a small amount of polish at .26fl oz. (A regular sized polish is about .5 fl oz.) So looking at that it’d be around $8 for full size… These are found only at Walmart.

No flash in natural lighting. Don’t mind my cuticles please 😛

Click below to see other 2 shades I purchased!
image name image name

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