Random Nail Of The Day- Nail Polish Sandwich

Today I have some layered polish looks that I haven’t had a chance to post.

I’m using Megalast’s 2 % Milk on top of each polish because its sheer enough to let

other polish to peak through but also create a kind of jelly sandwich look.

I used Jordana Glitters Polish twice as a bunch of those polishes are perfect for layering/ jelly sandwiches.


First picture is with Jordana’s Glitters Polish in Gemstones

Second picture is with Maybelline Color Show Sequins Collection in Rose Bling

Third is with Wet N Wild Spoiled Nail Polish in Trust Fund Baby

Fourth is another Jordana Glitters polish in Cosmic

Fifth is not really with 2 % Milk but I felt it was pretty; all it is is a black nail polish on bottom

with Tkb trading Sparks on top



If you’d like to see the Megalast in 2 % milk by itself, or 15 other Megalast colors you

can  find them HERE

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