Rimmel Scandal Eyes


Today I have a couple of Rimmer Scandal eyes eyeshadow sticks that Ive had

for a while now.

I got these at Kmart when they were $1 off. I also combined a $2 off manufacturer coupon that was there with these and I want to say I paid about $1 and change for these a piece???

Rimmel website does not have a retail price for these but I did quick google search and these are around $4.49 a piece. I got 3 colors, a blue one called Blamed Blue, matte black shade called Blackmail and then a purple one called Paranoid Purple.

These pencils say they are 24H Waterproof. I would definitely use these as a base for other eyeshadows for all over the lid, but I did try these on my waterline. It did last longer than a normal eyeliner would on my waterline, on average it lasted about 1-2 hours. I am a contact wearer and the product would stick to my contacts while I would blink so that was a little annoying.

The website also claims that these apply smoothly, which they do.

OK on to pictures..!

Now the tubes remind me of the LA Colors Eyeshadow pencils which you can see HERE

I have not sharpened these since using them a couple of times so I do not have comments as far as how easy they sharpen. If I get to sharpen them I will update this post.

Would I repurchase?? I think I’d love to try the skin toned one. For that reason yes I would!!

Score? 3 out of 5


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