Tutorial: Curved Text for Mac Users

Today I wanted to share how to do curved text that you could use for marking your beauty pictures to help stop photo taking. Note that this is NOT a free software. It is also ONLY for mac users. This program is $29.99. Not completely cheap but is also very helpful if you are a blogger and do this frequently. I did lots of searching and didn’t find much help for doing the curved text but the software I needed I had all along! (boyfriend had this purchased and on our mac)

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 10.31.42 PM


Step 1: Purchase Art Board Available through Mac App Store. ( I am not affiliated with Artboard AT ALL)





Step 2: Once you have that done you start learning how to start this tutorial. Below is what the program looks like.





Step 3: Add the picture you want to edit. I usually have the picture I need somewhere on my desktop and I will drag the picture into the program.



Step 4: I forgot to circle the little icon but at the top of the program you can click on tools and that is the next thing you will use.



Step 5: Next know that You will be using the text Icon that is circled in picture below. The one to the left of it is also a text tool but it does straight lines instead. So click on the text tool.



Step 6: Next you are going to go onto part of picture you’d like to apply curved text to which in my case is on my eye. I then start to make a curved text but make “dots.” To make dots all you do is click and it lets a dot down. When you want to end the curved text you will double click.



Step 7: (Not really a step lol) Heres another look at how long I made mine and then I simply double clicked to end the text.



Step 8: Next you will click on the circled icon which is just pretty much used to click on certain items on your picture. I drag the arrow and double click on the text.



Step 9: At this point you will click on the A icon on the icon list at top of program and it will pull up everything you need to edit the text. (such as change color, size, font type, etc) I went with Little Snorlax which can be found on Da Font.



Step 10: Last Step is to save your work!



Done: !!!

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 10.31.42 PM




I really hope this tutorial was helpful and I would definitely recommend this program for anyone who edits a lot!!

Good luck with editing!! 🙂

And of course if you have any questions let me know!!


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