L. A. Colors Grafix Eyeliner

Eye Liner


Today I have swatches/first impression of the eye liners I got recently. I got shades I normally wouldn’t as I do try to use all types of colors.

I purchased these from Dollar General for $1.50 each, so super affordable.

The shades I got from bottom down are:

Purple, Charcoal and Teal. It literally took me 2 minutes to try to look for the shade name on the package, but it ended up having the shade names on the bottom of the product.

I really like these and want to try out more. The colors are pretty and they last. The pigmentation is good, but two coats is better with these. At a price tag of $1.50 how can you go wrong????!?! I might do eye looks with these, not sure yet. 😀


From T to B- Teal, Purple, Charcoal


From L to R- Teal, Purple, Charcoal. Each is 2 coats































*These were purchased with my own money*


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