BA STAR Makeup Review

ba star

*Sponsored Post


Today I have a post to share with you thanks to Brand Backer and BA Star Makeup. They sent me a glitter and glitter glue  at no cost to myself, so once again thanks to them.

Both products retail for $8.75 Each.

You get .50 oz of glitter and .38 fl oz of glitter glue for that price.

Their website says that this is Eye, face and body safe.

I also have a 50% off code to share with you guys!!! Type BBGLITZ to get the discount!.

You can visit their website at (This is NOT an affiliate link)

Upon knowing what they were sending, I immediately had a look in my mind I wanted to go for, and that was super bright and sparkly, over the top!

This glitter was the hardest thing to capture. It is SUPER sparkly and the holo glitter is just so PRETTY my camera did not want to focus on all the colors.

The glitter glue made the glitter stay very well and its been about 6 hours since I did the makeup look I have posted below. The only problem I encountered with the glitter glue is when I put on eyeshadow it made the shadow stick to the glue and made the part of my eye not covered by the glue look like it had creased. So I recommend making sure you put the glitter glue ONLY where you want the glitter.The glitter itself came without a sifter, which made things a little messy, but when using glitter it’s bound to be. I do wish it can contained a sifter though.


I Used:
BA Star Glitter Glue
BA Star Holo Silver glitter
Revlon Matte eyeshadow in Venetian Blue
Wet N Wild I Dream of Greenie eyeshadow trio
WNW Fergie Eyeliner
Maybelline One by One Volume Express Mascara

Ok below I have nail art I did with the glitter.

nails w/ bastar

I used:
La Colors Fast dry topcoat. It is $1.50 or $2 ??- (Which I paid for myself)
Essie Nail Polish in No Place Like Home $8-(Paid for myself)
BA Star Holo Silver Glitter $8.75- (Was given to me by BA STAR)
All I did was apply a coat of LA COLORS quick dry topcoat, then sprinkled the glitter on top of the nail, waited for it to dry, then applied another coat of the topcoat, and repeated one more time.

Overall I really liked the products and I have few more ideas for nail art with the glitter I want to do, so look out for those!

*These products were provided to me by Brand Backer/BA STAR at no cost to myself. This does not influence my opinion about this product in any way and all opinions are my own.


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