New Shades from Wet N Wild Megalast Nail polish



This post is long overdue, but better late then never lol.
I got these at Dollar General a couple weeks ago from the Megalast extended line.
They had the entire new line  and I’ve got to say that I was a little disappointed at their selection of new colors for this line. It was basically just a ton of re-promotes of the Spoiled line (which I have a good amount of) so any that caught my attention in the megalast line, I already had from the Spoiled line.
The good news is that if you did not have a CVS and you wanted to get your hands on Spoiled line, you could find some of the shades in the megalast line. I only was interested in these 4 colors at the time I was at Dollar General and these are shades I did not have from the Spoiled line. These were $1.99 each and they contain .45 fl oz of product and they have that lovely wide brush like the Spoiled line does.

Anyway below are swatches and I did 2 coats for each one.

Now that I look at it the bottom 2 are perfect for a fourth of July mani! So far I like what I have from the new line.

I do expect to get more soon!


The Bronze Age

The Bronze Age

Sparkle and Gray

Sparkle and Gray

Taking The Red Eye

Taking the Red Eye

Dark Side of the Blues

Dark Side of the blues


2 Comments on “New Shades from Wet N Wild Megalast Nail polish”

  1. Lana says:

    Beautiful, Now I HAVE to find a dollar general

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