Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polish



From my recent haul I have the textured polishes from Sally Hansen. I really am not sure if I like it or not, I do like the black one for sure, but the others not so sure. They are really cool and the shades are as well but the texture is a little odd. When these are applied, I feel  if you don’t immediately apply as evenly as you can it clumps pretty bad in some areas pulling clumps together and leaving bare areas. When I tried to do another coat over that, it really clumps badly and I know these are “textured” but it just doesn’t look flattering….Saying that, I did have to redo some nails because the clumping was a little much in some areas. Other than that these are neat. They were around $6 each and can be found at Rite Aid


Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 7.26.50 PM

Sweetie- 2 coats

Sally Hansen 500

Razzle Berry-2 Coats

Sally Hansen 600

Sour Apple- 2 Coats

Sally Hansen 800

Lick-O-Rich-2 coats



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