Fergie Nail Polish Mani

I have here a mani? of the day with Fergie nail polish. This is a shade I bought recently that was in my last haul. Anyway, I used Fergie’s nail polish in shade Going Platinum and a black creme shade by WNW.  I used my Salon Perfect double sided       dotting too to do the dots. Used a sponge to do the gradient nail and the ring finger all I used was some leftover Christmas stringy thingys?? lol. just cut them to shape. On that nail I also did a reverse gradient than the middle finger. Last finger is just the polish is just the same shade Going Platinum.

I’m really loving these shades by Fergie!! I do like the line but for a Wet N Wild line I feel it is a little on pricer side seeing as some of the shades you can get for $1.99 in some of the other lines. Only reason I purchased these were because I paid $2 for each. I got shades I felt were new to the line and not in the other lines. I will have the swatch for this up shortly and also have the other shades’ swatches up shortly. (I have day off work woot! So in other words I have no excuse not to post! Lol)

Fergie Nail Polish NOTD


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