NYC Big Bold Plumping lip gloss

NYC Bold Lipgloss

Hello, today I want to share some lip products from NYC cosmetics. These were in the permanent display at my Rite Aid store but there was also a Limited edition stand with these available.

The red shade is called (Full On Fushia).  Full On Fushia looks a little red but also pink undertones. It has some gold shimmer to it also. I love the packaging for it, the tub is huge compared to a regular sized round lipgloss container so I feel like this product would be a little harder to loose. To compare to the $2 line of Wet N Wild megaslicks , the wnw has .19oz of product versus .39oz of product. Basically its twice the amount of product. These retail for $3.99 btw!!!

The next shade is called Supersized Red, which once again looks pink. It is definitely more on the sheer side than Full On Fushia and has almost no shimmer. It has some but the particles of it are really really small.

I love the formula, not too sticky and whatever they use to get the plumping action feels fine. I have tried some plumping lip glosses where the tingling it gave was way uncomfortable. These feel like you had a breath mint on your lips! Overall really like these. Happy with the packing because the 18 hour wear lip gloss that I also bought with these in my previous haul was horrible. I didn’t even try the product, I thew it away!! The lip gloss tube was weird or wonky because each time you would close it, a ton of product would be left around the rim of the top. SO NOT WORTH THE MESS!

Lipgloss pic

Thanks for reading!!!As always if you have a question, ask! XO!


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