Omg Nail Strips Peacock Review

press sampleomg nails mani

Hello!! I have a review today from a company called Omg Nail Strips. They sent me these at no cost to me for my honest review.  The person who contacted my for these was very nice and quite informative. I was sent the instructions which you can find here. (Not affiliate link) I did not read the instructions of course lol, so it was pretty simple and easy to apply these.  Couple things that I recommend about these strips, wear gloves when doing dishes and to apply a good top coat. (Which I did not end up doing.)  I work with animals and wash my hands A LOT so I was not surprised that these for me did not last long. Saying that Id recommend reading their instructions. I love their design collections and pricing isn’t bad either.

For this review I did something a little different; video review! So check it out! 🙂

omg nail strips

****This product was provided for me for my honest review.


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