Funky Fingers Haul + Nail Polish rack


My life has officially been complete! I’ve been eyeing the Funky Fingers line forever but the nearest store was about 2 hours away and they were twice if not three times the price online. BUT my area finally got a Five Below store which is the store that I know carries them and its only 3 minutes away! YAY! I’m disappointed my store doesn’t have a ton of color selections BUT they do seem to carry collections from this line. 4 of these shades are from a collection that I want to say is called Jawbreaker collection…I also saw color changing polishes by the brand that I may want to try in the future. Funky Fingers are $2 a piece of 3/$5. The temp color changing polishes were $3 a piece. Will have swatches when I can. 🙂

LOVE the polishes they are beautiful!!!

I’ve also been looking into rehoming my polishes as they are taking over my home!!! I went to Lowe’s and priced out some things for some nail polish racks. I’m almost done with 2 which each hold little over 115 each!!! Woot!

Funky fingers haul


polish rack

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