Sinful Colors Leather Luxe Nail Polish-3 shades!

*purchased by me


Sinful Colors came out with this collection (I don’t know when) but the shades are really dark and lovely!! When I first saw this display I did not read the display but I assumed that the clear top coat was a matte top coat and that would give it a “leather” effect. Swatching the 3 shades I got meant that I was very wrong!!

leather luxe display

So considering when swatched these shades are already matte I’m kind of wondering what the top coat in this display is exactly. Let me know if you want me to find out 🙂 The swatches are below and I’m very impressed with these shades.

Leather Loose

Leather Loose (2 Coats)-Left side is the polish without any modifications, Right side is with a top coat

COld leather

Cold Leather (2 Coats)- L Side polish without any modifications, R Side polish by itself with ring finger nail with top coat

Get It On Sinful Colors

Get It On- 2 Coats.

So Below is a swatch of Berry Charm which is part of another collection that I didn’t get chance to get the name of. It pretty much looks just like Get It On when I first purchased it but none the less I decided to get it anyway. I’m glad I did!!! There is obviously a major difference in the two shades. BEAUTIFUL shade!

Sinful Colors berry charm and get it on

See Picture for details! 2 coats each

4 Comments on “Sinful Colors Leather Luxe Nail Polish-3 shades!”

  1. Tina Lauro says:

    The display tells you (albeit at a funny angle lol) what the topcoat is for. It is a shine topcat that it recommends you apply “in lines of varied lengths” to create a more complex, glowing look while keeping the luxe texture of the leather effect. Cool idea, I think! I must try doing shiny stripes on my matt polishes. ^.^

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  3. […] Sinful Colors Leather Luxe Nail Polish-3 shades! ( […]

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