Wet N Wild small haul- TO BE CONTINUED



Hello!!! Last night the lovely & patient boyfriend went with me to go do some makeup hauling, but due to some issues with our daughter not having a nap, it had to be cut SUPER short.

I only went to Rite Aid and I was going to repurchase the brown 8 pan palette but there was actually a sign on the display that talked about the coupon on the Rite Aid video values, then I decided I would come back for the palette. SO all in all I just picked up 2 of the Color Craze palettes for $1.83 for 2 palettes. I got the palettes in Your 15 Minutes Aren’t Up and A Regular at the Factory. Honestly, the colors for the palette on the right is not really a fav. The colors just don’t grasp my attention and really I feel this was an impulse buy on my part! lol. The shades on the left though are quite pretty.  I will be RETRYING this haul again today and will have new things to share tomorrow!!

I already have There’s A Party which you can see here

WNW coloricon trios


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