3 Shades- Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail Polish Fall collection

Sally hansen bottle shots

Spark In The Dark, Confetti Cake, Sea-ly String

Good Afternoon! I have gotten my swatches of this Limited edition Sally Hansen collection swatched. (I only purchase 3 shades out of maybe 8-10 new shades)

I purchased these at Walgreens for $2.79. Surprisingly I ended up liking Spark In The dark the most out of the3 I purchased, with Sea-ly String next and with Confetti cake being my least favorite. Purchasing these, I knew they wouldn’t get opaque, but for the sake of a Limited edition polish, I had to buy them anyway. 


Top- 1 Coat
Bottom- 2 Coats

In my opinion this shade has got to be my favorite than any of the other shades in the entire collection. I know a lot of girls or boys do not like the rectangular bar glitter and at the time that I purchased this I didn’t notice that it had the bar glitter, but honestly it is a cool surprise. I feel it goes really well with this combo of gold, black and silver multi-sized shaped hex glitters.

bottle shot sea strongly

3 coats

close up

3 coats


3 coats


3 Coats

Next up is Sea-ly String. Beautiful blend of the same multi-sized hex glitters in blue, silver and black. This shade also has the bar glitter. As with Spark In The Dark, I feel it goes well with the glitter already in it.

sally hansen

3 coats


3 coats

Confetti Cake is the last shade I purchased. The pictures below are 2 coats. As you can probably tell, this is the least opaque out of the 2 shades and this one honestly failed to impress me. I just didn’t like it as much. It seems to have a purple tint to the base but once on the nails, it fails to show up.



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