Healthy Eats with Lifeway Kefir!

kefir and berries

*Received this product complimentary through the Influenster VoxBox program

Good Afternoon! Im fully aware that this is a beauty blog, but how can you have total beauty without eating healthy??? Influenster sent berries and yogurt me this product to try out and I absolutely love it. I’ve tried it out twice and the first flavor was Blueberry, which was good but little too tangy for me. This flavor Pomegranate is really good. It is sweet and doesn’t have any tanginess to it. This flavor is a winner. They say you can drink it straight or put it in cereal, but I love it drizzled over some frozen fruit and if I had some granola at

the time I would have added that too!! Thanks to them for letting me try it out. You can check out all their products here! Theres a coupon for $1 off a product on the website!! Check them out.!

XOXOXO- As always thanks for reading. berries 2


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