Wet N Wild Fergie On The Edge Eyeliner in Gunmetal Grape

Today I have a new product by Wet N Wild, a creme eyeliner called Gunmetal Grape. It is a very bold purple with some shimmer to it. These creme eyeliners come with a brush but I didn’t take a picture of it. (If you’d like to see the brush I have a previous post down below.)

I was very excited to pick this up because I feel like in the drugstores you don’t usually find a purple eyeliner this “bold.”

I purchased this a while back while it was on sale for 40% off and used a coupon, so I paid $2 but retail is $5. The formula is nice and creamy, lasts and doesn’t move around on my lids. (Mine tend to be oily, so thats great!)

Overall I love this eyeliner, it goes great with dark eyes and the packaging is super cute. If you run into this shade, pick it up!


pic two eyelinerpic1 eyeliner pic 3 eyeliner

I did a review on the original black shade for on the edge eyeliner. You can view that here!

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