New Halloween Cosmetics including Pumpkin polishes!

The other day I was at Rite Aid looking for new products when I came across these pumpkin polishes. They were not on sale when I got 5 shades for $4 each, so that sucks but these are on sale for $3 right now until Saturday.

These are by Blue Cross beauty and their polishes are never named individually. These pumpkin polishes are going by “Chunky Nail.” This is the same company that comes up with the Snowman polishes each year. I noticed that there are 2 glitter shades in this display that are re-promotes of 2 shades that came out last year for Christmas. It is the pink glittery shade and the multi-colored one.

This year there was 2 pumpkin polishes display, one with glitters and creme shades and several 2 way nail pens and then another display with glow in the dark shades. You can click on the pictures individually to see them closer up!

Close ups of the glittery shades!

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