(Pic Heavy)KMART Halloween Makeup Sightings 2013

Over the weekend the boyfriend and I went to Kmart. It’s his favorite store. 🙂 (NOT REALLY) I totally agree, I cannot stand this store. I know I’ve talked about it, but the customer service is horrible and it’s like Walmart where the employees hate you because you go in and give them work to do. (lol) Regardless, I do like the makeup during halloween as they seem to carry a lot of the collections. Well as always I put them in little galleries to cut down on space in this post to not make it lengthier than it already is. You can click on the smaller pics to view them larger.

IMPRESS NAIL PRESS ON MANICURE Sorry, Not sure on the price of each of these. I’d say probably around $6 though.

KISS LASH DRESS I love these, the designs in these are really cute and if you’d like a review on these let me know. I’ve been considering trying out one of these lashes as they are so unique!

KISS- NAIL DRESS Kiss Nail Dress Halloween Display Stand- When Checking out these rang up $6.XX, So  I was like the stand says $3, so I got the mouth and blood one for $3. I really think these may be in fact $6 a piece, although I could be wrong. Kiss Nail Dress Halloween Display Stand

FRIGHT NIGHT- FRIGHTENING LASHES 2013Fright Night Frightening Lashes Halloween 2013 RIMMEL- WINTER LONDONLAND COLLECTION- I purchased the 3 shades that were in this collection. They rang up $1.99, not sure if these are the retail price of these, but they rang up that way and I used 3 of the coupons that came with the stand to get them for a buck a piece. Rimmel Winter Londonland KISS- EYE TATTOOS, LIP DRESS, NAIL STICKERS-  So sorry the picture is kind of blurry!! Kiss EYe, lip and nail stickers halloween REVLON COLORSHOW NAIL STICKERS-  ($10.99each)  So these are absolutely gorgeous and quite pricey!! Worth It????! Revlon colorshow nail stickers

LAST but not lease is some new Sally Hansen polishes. Not sure what this collection is even called. 🙂 sally hansen rent the runway

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  1. […] $1 off Kiss Nail Dress- kissusa.com (The halloween Nail Dresses match to this coupon!!! I wish I knew this when I went to get those halloween nail stickers!!! So if your  store has those for same price as mine, you can get nail stickers for $2. You can see all the pretty Halloween ones Here […]

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