L. A .Girl Sand Blast Nail Polish

Hello, This is a quick swatches post. I happened to break one of my nails on my swatching hand and then it created a domino effect with a couple others so I had to file them all  down. I decided to give that hand a break so I swatched these on one finger with my right hand.

The texture on these are finer than the Sally Hansen textured polishes but not as gritty  and shimmery than the Jesse’s Girl Gum Drop polishes.  The Green Sand shade that has the green-blue  iridescence doesn’t seem to show dry very much, nor the Sandals shade which has some shimmer to it.

BTW I purchased these myself from CherryCulture.com  for $3 each.
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Polish

Jesse’s Girl Gum Drops Polish

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La Girl Sand Blast bottle shots

From L to R- Quick Sand, Sandals, Green Sand

LA Girl Sand Blast Swatches


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