Klean Color nail polish Haul

New discovery: I have a local beauty supply store that carries these for a buck. Fact: I will be  buying more and more of these. Another Fact: They smell. Another Fact: Idc. There’s a beauty supply store around here that moved its location near where I live and I decided to go there to pick up false nails to play around with the Villains nail art kit and discovered they sell Kleancolor. For a dollar….I had hard time choosing what I wanted but since my lovely boyfriend purchased these for me I sometimes ask him to set me a limit so that I don’t go buying the entire store. Which is enough because I have 22 polishes coming in the mail (HOPEFULLY soon) from Cherry Culture.

L to R- Metallic Green, Red Hot-tie?, Vegas Night, Born To The Purple, Chunky Holo Purple, Afternoon Picknic
Kleancolor polishes kleancolor kleancolor2

7 Comments on “Klean Color nail polish Haul”

  1. What? For a buck? I almost fainted! BUY MORE! Don’t bother about how many more you’ll have in the mail soon. A BUCK? My knees are getting weak again… this must feel like you’ve won a prize!

  2. […] Klean Color nail polish Haul (alilacquer.com) […]

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