My favorite Sinful Colors Shade for fall!- Georgio

Hello!! I’m here with my coffee of course and I was admiring my nails! Yesterday I decided to paint my nails and looking at all my polish a girl gets overwhelmed, SO I decided to pay a visit to my favorite shade from last year- Georgio. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve worn one shade on all 10 nails for more than a couple hours!! I love this shade, its rich and dark!! It definitely is “oxblood” like. It really looks like dark blood if you could imagine what that looks like. In non-direct sunlight it is gorgeous and dark and almost looks dark but the shade captures light a lot because it is really shiny. I wish I had a backup in case something happens to it, I looked on the sinful colors website and didn’t see this shade so it may be limited edition but I really hope it comes back if it isn’t permanent! If anyone knows if this is core let me know!
georgio SC georgio

6 Comments on “My favorite Sinful Colors Shade for fall!- Georgio”

  1. BlackRose says:

    that colour looks fantastic on you!

  2. cococors says:

    Gorgeous color! Perfect for fall. Your nails are so nice!


  3. Oh. I’ve never worn oxblood on my nails, but this looks really, really good.

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