Pics-Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish

Revlon’s Parfumerie nail polish hit my Rite Aid and I’m excited about this one. While the shades aren’t glittery (*tear*) there are a couple I do love already and I’ve always loved the scented polishes by Revlon. The Fizz ones they came out with were fantastic! Well this collection looks lovely how adorable are the bottles? They look very elegant! Anyway check out the pictures, I really need Wintermint in my collection!!! Also forgot, I love the fact that the names are on the front of the bottle and not the bottom as my daughter always peels the circle ones off. 🙂 Definitely a plus!

BTW. If you’d like to try these out and not pay much, I found a good deal! *extreme couponing kicks in*!! So Rite Aid has these for $5.99 at my store and Rite Aid has an online coupon for $3 any Revlon nail item.  It is limited to 5k people, so If you want it I’d print it out! It is a one time use coupon. If you do this you can pay $3 for a bottle.

RevlonParfumerienail2013 RevlonParfumerie Sweets:spices Revlonparfumerie fruits:florals RevlonParfumerie Freshes


4 Comments on “Pics-Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish”

  1. Have you tried these at all? I am just wondering how these brands can mask that super duper Overpowering smell of all things nail related. I will look for these though. I am a total make up junkie to though, you can check on my blog under beauty.Awesome we have a lot in common and I just started to follow you on Pinterest.

    • alizeth says:

      Yay thanks, I can return the favor, and no not yet, I have tried their polishes in their regular line that are scented and they smell like polish when wet but dry according to the scent. If it’s that formula then they will be wonderful. I hope to pick one up soon! those bottles are adorable!

  2. OMG these bottles ❤
    Plus, cute names, and such a cool idea for a collection!

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