5 Piece Blue Cross Ornaments set!


Hello gals and fellas!

Today I have that 5 piece mini scented set from Rite Aid to share. The hot pick one is my least favorite, the pictures I took for it does not do it justice, and it was just horrible for my camera to pick it up. It is just a hot hot pink with multi glitter. OK pics below!!

Ornaments- Light pink glitter swatchOrnaments- Light pink glitter

So first one up is this gorgeous sheer pink with tons of different colored glitter. I did 2 coats. I had purchased the Holiday Lights that I THOUGHT was this color, but its actually different, added a picture of it for reference! The holiday lights of more of a milky pink instead of the pink sheer in the Ornaments 5-piece set.

light pink mulit-glitter

Next up is my favorite!! I love it, I’m not usually such a fan of green polishes but this one is the reason I wanted this kit and I was not disappointed at all! This shade is frigging awesome, love it and just for this polish I would repurchase this set!

bright green-multi colored glitterbright green-multi colored glitter2

This shade is also one of my favorites! I have never seen this kind of polish in the drugstores!! It’s great and opaque in 2 coats.

scented polish- hot pink +blue glitter

Ornaments hot pink/blue

This one is an alright shade, it isn’t my favorite but the color is quite pretty, and this is also a shade I got through the Holiday Lights last year that I thought was the shade, but once again I was also wrong. I don’t have a comparison of the two so sorry about that! I did 2 coats here.

green/blue glitter Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 5.11.01 PM

The last one you can see in the top LOL. I’m sorry I just can’t stand swatching that shade, It’s horrible and I don’t even want to include it! It looks the same as the Holiday Lights neon pink one which is in its own gallery. (Link is below at the end of this post!)

As far as scents go, they do have some scent to them and I wouldn’t exactly say that they are true to that scent but they don’t smell like the pumpkin polishes. (Thank god!) Some smell quite artificial but other than that no complaints. These do retail for $4.99 at rite aid and I will include the link to the display to show you what they look like as they are packaged to be a gift! For the price and the unique shades this is a MUST have set. Go pick it up! You will not be disappointed. I WILL be purchasing a backup!


2 Comments on “5 Piece Blue Cross Ornaments set!”

  1. Geeez, they’re SO BRIGHT. they all look like candy. : )

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